We'll Make Sure Your Fire Extinguishers Are Operational

Schedule a commercial or residential fire extinguisher inspection in Racine, WI

Fire extinguishers are mandatory for building safety, so you need to ensure they're still operational at all times. If you have an old fire extinguisher, call Lakeside Fire Protection in Racine, WI. We conduct both residential fire extinguisher inspections and commercial fire extinguisher inspections. Our annual inspection will help you rest easy knowing your fire extinguisher is still in good working condition.

Don't risk having to rely on a faulty fire extinguisher. Call 262-456-0340 to get a free inspection estimate today.

Come to us for thorough fire extinguisher inspections

It doesn't matter if you need a residential fire extinguisher inspection or a commercial fire extinguisher inspection - we've got the tools to keep you safe. Our inspections include:

  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • A six-year breakdown
  • On-site recharging

We also provide proactive inspection notifications so you can know when your fire extinguisher needs to be looked at. Speak with our team to arrange for a monthly or annual inspection for your apartment complex or commercial property.